Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Australia (BHIA) started business during April 2015 - originally as a division of the Berkshire Hathaway Group of Insurance companies. We provide personal lines insurance products to the Australian market.

During June 2015 the BHIA business was transferred to Insurance Australia Group (IAG) pursuant to one of the largest reinsurance transactions in financial services history. Consequently, our products are now underwritten by Insurance Australia Limited.

IAG has a large and stable balance sheet that enables us to provide consistent capacity and innovative, tailored solutions, and provides our customers and brokers with the utmost confidence in our ability to pay claims.

BHIA retains a large degree of autonomy within IAG. We pride ourselves on our lean operating model and agility. Customers and brokers have access to our most senior managers; and employees are empowered to respond swiftly to our business partners.

We recognize that ongoing engagement with our customers is crucial to the success of our business. We use a combination of targeted analytics and real engagement with our customers to refine and continually improve our business offering and customer experience.

For all policies that began before December 1, 2015, please refer to the About Us information here